Maximum uptime, all the time

The game changer
The world's cities are getting smarter.

MAX, the elevator industry’s first real-time, cloud-based predictive maintenance solution

is taking elevator availability, reliability and efficiency to new heights.

Our smart, machine learning Internet of Things (IoT) solution dramatically increases elevator availability by reducing out-of-service situations through real-time diagnostics. MAX predicts maintenance issues before they occur, and empowers elevator engineers by flagging the need to replace components and systems before the end of their lifecycle.
Introducing MAX, the elevator industry’s first real-time, cloud-based predictive maintenance solution. It’s set to take elevator availability, reliability and efficiency to new heights.

Maximizing efficiency, availability, service quality and customer satisfaction.

The challenge of
urban efficiency

of the world’s population living in cities by the end of the century

Cities are growing fast and increasingly dense. Over the next three decades, an additional three billion people will move into urban centers worldwide. By the end of the century, 70% of the globe’s population will live in cities.

More people and traffic in cities means less time – time that people truly need. MAX gives back some of this precious time by increasing the availability of the world’s most common and safest mode of transportation: elevators.

More than
12 million elevators move one billion people every day.

Worldwide, more than 12 million elevators make seven billion trips and move over one billion people every day. Yet every year, maintenance needs render elevators unavailable for a total of 190 million hours.

MAX dramatically improves elevator availability and overall system efficiency.

years waiting
for elevators

A study by Columbia University students found that in New York City office workers spent a cumulative 16.6 years waiting for elevators, underscoring the need to increase both elevator availability and efficiency.

With MAX, New York City office workers have the potential to get back more than eight years of free time.

Keeping people moving

MAX is revolutionizing the elevator industry. This data-driven maintenance technology has the power to cut downtime by up to 50%.

MAX collects and sends real-time data from connected elevators to the intelligent cloud. Intricate algorithms calculate the remaining lifetime of
each elevator’s key components and systems, determining which parts will require maintenance and when.

Truly game-changing
elevator maintenance

With MAX as their digital-age partner, our 24,000+ global service engineers and technicians receive real-time alerts for pre-issue repairs, enabling them to be more proactive with customers. This includes scheduling maintenance tasks ahead of elevator breakdowns and at times of minimal disruption within the building. In this way, our engineers help building managers and users avoid the frustration and inconvenience of out-of-service elevators.

In a MAX-connected building,
elevator users, owners and operators get:

...increased uptime.
...better capacity for planning.
...more transparency.
...prolonged elevator lifetime.
...enhanced safety and reliability.
The combination of cloud technology, Big Data and machine learning makes MAX an invaluable asset
for building owners and custodians. And the benefits MAX brings get bigger and better over time.

Features: Powered by machine-to-machine learning,
we continuously improve MAX

The expertise and
power behind MAX

At thyssenkrupp, we’re reinventing how elevators are serviced.

We’ve brought the elevator industry into the digital age by integrating machine learning IoT technology to deliver a breakthrough service solution. MAX is the result of an extensive two-year R&D process conducted by our maintenance engineers and field specialists in partnership with Microsoft data scientists and software programmers.

MAX analyzes real-time data from elevators around the world and provides our maintenance control hub with a vast level of detail. This allows us to assess the health of connected elevators and their components. The result is a fundamental shift from reactive to proactive maintenance – and the many benefits that go along with it.

MAX delivers maximum uptime, all the time.

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